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Sri Krishnaveni Talent Schools are the first Established In 2011.
9 years of dedicated service in the field of  Education & 3000 students were trained
Technical teaching started in 2011 with the aid of digital sources. Since that time, it has been going on by producing talented students in different fields. This school is in the first place by molding the career of 1000 students. Various programs are conducting in the part of academic programs.

It’s about our entire school community. It’s about the way our students, teachers, parents, staff, and friends come together to create an extended, yet focused “family.” Together, we form a dynamic caring community that steers the individual progress of each student.

Like any community, people come and go. Surprisingly, given that we’re the Sri Krishnaveni Talent School, people come from all over India and they leave for all corners of the country. More than 11 States Students are represented here, creating an exciting mix of personalities, attitudes, and cultures.

Our students are well-traveled with a worldly outlook, and through its mission, the School empowers them to thrive as lifelong learners and courageous global citizens by fostering intellect, creativity, inclusivity, and character. In fact, despite their exotic itineraries, they often comment that being here is “more fun than a vacation.” Our warm, welcoming spirit helps. Whether we’re a comparatively brief stop on a student’s travels or a long-term destination, we succeed in creating a stable, supportive environment in which students flourish.

Education for Complete Life!
Our Values:
Education with Motivation For Career with Character




Mr. Chepuri Venkatesh has been involved in education since the year 2012. He is currently working as the Principal and one of the directors of Sri Krishnaveni Talent School Jannaram. Mr. Chepuri Venkatesh has previously served as the Lecturer of Vikas Degree College Jannaram; as a Physics Lecturer and NSS Program Officer for 3 years at the same college. 

Mr. Chepuri Venkatesh is highly regarded as an effective college and school educator with an illustrious career in some of the premier institutions of the country. While serving as the Lecturer of  Vikas Degree College in Jannaram, he was dynamically invested and instrumental in leading his college to the top position in the school, both in academics and extracurricular activities.

Mr. Venkatesh has earned his B.Ed. in Physical Science from Osmania University and a PG Certificate in Education from Osmania University, Hyderabad. 

Being an effective educational leader requires a complex set of knowledge, skills, and qualities; and Mr. Venkatesh is adept at all! He is a progressive leader who believes that inclusion, integrity, and insight are the keys to good administration. He is a firm believer in the infinite potential of young minds he mentors and adheres to the principle and believes education is incomplete without incorporating core values within the system.

He believes in

• Doing the best for his students by providing an inclusive and nurturing environment
• Building collaborative partnerships between students, teachers, parents, and community-based on respect and mutual understanding
• Transparency and encouraging investment of all stakeholders in decision making.

Mr. Venkatesh possesses a clear vision and a strong sense of purpose. He is a self-driven leader with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. As a person who believes in empowering those around him, Mr. Venkatesh is against the idea of promoting something that he himself does not wholeheartedly believe. He has a passion for discovering unique and compelling ways in which he can improve his environment and himself. Mr. Venkatesh is happily married to his talented wife, Praveena, and they are blessed with an affectionate daughter, aptly named, Saanvika



From L.K.G. TO Xth class STATE BOARD.
We have strong Academics. Highly qualified professional teachers.
Our teachers had nearly 10 years and above experience.
Very good administration, smooth functioning with students.

Our Featured Programs
School and Hostel Activities: (Global – Gurukul – Talent Programme)
Co-education, English Medium
Residential, Semi-Residential, Day School
Experienced and Dedicated Staff
IIT/NEET/Olympiad foundation
Co-curricular Activities
Career Guidance, Motivation & Guest Lectures
Value-Based Education
Smart classes with project-based learning
Digital/Smart classroom, Computers, Library & Labs
Periodical Teacher – Parent Interaction
Daily Yoga & Physical Training Practice

What Great People Say About Education

“A man's mind, stretched by new ideas, may never return to its original dimensions.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.